Microsoft Outlook 2010

Course Overview

Users can format message content by using character and paragraph formatting, use graphic elements such as charts and tables, and create contact records, tasks, and appointments from incoming messages. They create contact groups, schedule meetings, and share schedules to facilitate communication with other Outlook users.

Managing the Outlook Environment

Apply and manipulate Outlook program options

Manipulate item tags

Arrange the content frame

Apply search and filter tools

Print an Outlook item

Creating and Formatting Item Content

Create and send messages

Create and manage Quick Steps

Create item content

Format item content

Attach content to email messages

Managing Email Messages

Clean up the mailbox

Working with Tasks, Notes and Journal Entries

Create and manipulate tasks

Create and manipulate notes

Create and manipulate journal entries

Create and manage rules

Manage junk mail

Manage automatic message content

Managing Contacts

Create and manipulate contacts

Create and manipulate contact groups

Managing Calendar Objects

Create and manipulate appointments and events

Create and manipulate meeting requests

Manipulate the Calendar pane