Microsoft Word 2010

Course Overview

The Core-level Microsoft Office Word 2010 User should be able to navigate Microsoft Office Word 2010 software at the feature and functionality level. They should be familiar with and know how to use at least 80% of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Office Word 2010. The core-level user should be able to use Microsoft Office Word 2010 to create and edit professional-looking documents for a variety of purposes and situations. Users would include people from a wide variety of job roles from almost all areas of professional, student, and personal life. Some of the roles users might take on include, but are not limited to, the following:

•       Clerical, Office professionals

•       Consultants

•       Executives/Managers

•       Help desk personnel

•       Instructors/Trainers

•       Marketing personnel

•       Product developers

Sharing and Maintaining Documents

Apply different views to a document

Apply protection to a document

Manage document versions

Share documents

Save a document

Apply a template to a document

Formatting Content

Apply font and paragraph attributes

Navigate and search through a document

Apply indentations and tab settings

Apply spacing settings

Create and manipulate tables

Apply bullets to a document

Proofreading Documents

Validate content using spelling and grammar checking options

Configure AutoCorrect settings

Insert and modify comments

Applying Referencing and Hyperlinks

Apply a hyperlink

Create Endnotes and Footnotes

Create a Table of Contents

Performing Mail Merge Operations

Setup mail merge

Execute mail merge

Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content

Apply and manipulate page setup settings

Apply themes

Use Quick Parts Tools

Create and manipulate backgrounds

Create a modify headers and footers

Including Illustrations and Graphics in a Document

Insert and format pictures

Insert and format shapes, WordArt and SmartArt

Insert and format Clip Art

Apply and manipulate text boxes